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Campus Life

More than the infrastructure, buildings and other such things that give physical legitimacy to a college, what constitutes the essence and spirit of that college is the culture of the Campus. The very word “culture” might inspire some skepticism in many. An Engineering College having only few years of existence, claim to having a “culture”: Nonsense, many will say. But indeed Ammini College of Engineering has succeeded in making a distinction with many other similar Engineering Colleges by making a unique “Campus Culture”. Maybe the following points will clear up things a bit.

The realisation that a few minutes of delay would result in the doors of the Class Rooms being closed for the next hour is inspiration enough. This mad rush to class has even spawned some interesting and quite creative ways of having breakfast and of surviving without it.

Discipline and punctuality is strictly enforced in Ammini College of Engineering and the concerned committees take their jobs very seriously. However, that’s not even the major deterrent. It’s the ire of your fellow classmates that you earn that keeps you on your toes. This attitude reflects in almost every other thing we do around here. Be it class assignment submissions or class presentations or coming to class after your break, the Deadline is above all.

The next few hours are spent in the classroom learning engineering concepts from people who are well qualified and considered very good in their respective fields. Preconceived notions and past knowledge are given new dimensions when you start learning new concepts. It is a true experience of unlearning old ways and learning new ways.

During the lunch break, most of us prefer to go to the College Canteen. It is not a luxury, but definitely it is value for money. Again the atmosphere, the ambience and even the taste is part of our “Culture”.

The day ends at the evening and the hostel comes to life with student activity. The recreation room comes alive with the cheers and jeers of students with keenly contested carrom matches. Some prefer to watch TV shows while some prefer to take it outside to the open ground with football, volleyball and cricket.

We all are actively involved in various groups and committees carrying out a variety of activities. Quizzes, discussions and Department Association and other such activities have become inseparable from daily routine. Various clubs for IT@Campus, Skillnet, entrepreneurship, 3D etc are also taking shape at campus and have started their activities with several more in incubation.
Of course there is lot of competition among us.  Someone is always there to challenge you, academically. We have students from all across Kerala. But all of us are aware that, we are in the process of being moulded for a brighter tomorrow, both for us, our family and our society. This insight and process is an integral part of our campus life.

However, such amount of competition doesn’t take away the fact that everybody is willing to help you out. Thus you will find a bright chap spending his / her time explaining to a needy one.  That’s how seriously we take helping our fellow mates and minimizing effort for maximum output.

And for a fresher, Ammini College of Engineering provides a safe and peaceful atmosphere without the menace of Ragging. We know that Ragging is neither a ritual nor a custom in campus life, but it is a punishable criminal offence. The student community of Ammini College of Engineering strongly discourages ragging. New students are welcome to join ACE without any fear or apprehension.